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Alure Italian Genuine New Zealand Abalone Shell Silver-Plated Bracelet paired with Abalone Shell Silver Earrings


This $400 jewelry set will leave you absolutely mouth open! 

It includes an astonishing handmade Italian bracelet, made with genuine New Zealand abalone shell and plated with sterling silver. 

Accompanying the necklace is a marvelous set of handmade Italian earrings. The earrings are made from 100% natural New Zealand abalone shell and hang on real 925 sterling silver fishhooks. 

This amazing jewelry set is absolutely perfect for brides, weddings, anniversaries, engagements, birthdays and will make an absolutely perfect gift for your loved one! 

The harmony between the colors, textures and natural beauty of the abalone shell, create a spectacular jewelry set. The classic blue-black-green shell patterns match perfectly with the silver plating finishing in both the bracelet and earrings. 

These earrings and bracelet were exquisitely designed and handmade by us and can only be purchased through us. 

The bracelet is approximately 7.75" long and can made smaller by removing one or more links from the chain. 

You won’t believe how beautiful this jewelry set is, until you actually hold it in your hands. 

Sadly, we only have a VERY LIMITED NUMBER of this set on hand. 
Hurry up and grab yours before they’re gone! 

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